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About me.

passionate about good hair and connections with good people.

a small studio salon with a stylist that just wants to make you feel good.

down-to-earth gal looking to do good hair, live my life and be the support character your story needs.

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Meet The Team
...jk it's just me;)

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Alex Olliver

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Master Stylist


Songbird Hair Salon is a small, 1-chair studio suite serving the Heart of Denver, Colorado.

 At Songbird Hair Salon, I set myself apart by keeping a small operation that ensures individual attention and care, avoiding the factory-style salon culture that leaves clients running for the hills.

I operate my salon using one flat, Hourly & Gratuity-Free rate for which services are booked with. This ensures that every appointment is customized to your personal needs; budget, hair goals, and current hair all considered.

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