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Why your hair will look bad...

I totally tell my clients that their hair is going to look bad.

That's right. I tell my clients that, when we first rinse their balayage/highlights, their hair might look scary as f*ck. It's part of the process!

Read below to hear more about the process of having beautiful, lived-in color and why I warn my clients about the scary-fairy, bad hair phase during our appointment that makes some people sh*t their pants.



First, Consultation!

In the consultation we address your hair goals and dreams, where you are at currently, and make a game plan to get to your hair goals.

My job here is to ask lots of questions and you job is to be honest and voice exactly what is on your mind!

Here is a list of a few things i consider for your appointment

  • Application: For your color, are we going to use a balayage, highlight, or teasy-light application method?

  • Does your goal hair require multiple sessions?

  • What do the maintenance appointments look like and how often?

  • To get your dream hair, do you need hair extensions?

  • Are hair extensions are a good option for you? If so, which method??

Go to the link below to get started on your own consultation/application form!


Second, Application of the Hair Color:

This next step is where I use my glorious wizard brain(jk its a normal brain) to formulate the color and lightener formulas that your hair needs in order to achieve our goal hair.